To ski safely, we recommend a few rules.

And if we tell you this, it's because we care about you!

secours sur pistes

The 10 rules to respect

  • Be careful with friends and other skiers who are not necessarily your friends to avoid putting them in danger
  • You don't think you're a king: whatever your level, you adapt to the others, to the weather and to the slopes on which you ski
  • You choose your trajectory carefully to avoid the bowling effect and ensure the safety of skiers further down
  • Switch on the indicator, overtake with a wide clearance and we don't hesitate to shout to warn the skier's we are overtaking
  • Use your laser vision to analyse the perimeter of the action before safely entering a slope
  • Descend gracefully (or not) and try to clear the slope as quickly as possible if all goes well
  • Go up or down on foot using the edges of the slopes, these are our pathways and it's safer this way
  • Respect the signage, and if you don't know it, it's HERE
  • Don't turn a blind eye in the event of an accident, you provide help, even if it's only by calling the first-aiders
  • Come forward if you are a witness or involved in an accident so that everyone can see things more clearly

Even if they are presented in a nice way, the rules are not to be trifled with! UNDERSTOOD?