Traffic conditions in real time

To be informed at all times and plan ahead your journey as good as possible.

Have a good trip!

State of the roads heading for Saint-Lary
Road conditions in France - Bison Futé

Driving tips

Here are a few tips to ensure that your journey to Saint-Lary goes as smoothly as possible, even if the traffic conditions are complicated!

  • Prepare your vehicle well before leaving for the mountains: the condition of the tyres and battery, the lights are working properly, the oil levels (engine oil, brake fluid, etc.), the wear of the brake pads and windscreen wipers.
  • Don't forget your chains and before you leave, do a test fit on your vehicle (remember to place your chains in an accessible place)
  • Take warm clothes, thin gloves to be able to handle your chains in the cold without getting your hands dirty, an electric lamp and water
  • Do not overtake snow removal machines during their work (this is prohibited)
  • In the event of a traffic jam, do not leave your vehicle without being asked to do so by the police